Maximize the data value

CloudMade Appliances is a technology stack that allows for the collection, learning, analyzing and predicting data, received from vehicles or phone agents
For example, you can:

Appliances may help you with 3 different topics:

1. Feature generation

Real user journeys with quick stops along their routes, which you could use for further investigations. This includes map matching.

2. Integration of pre-build inference engines by CloudMade

Predictions from these inference engines may be used as inputs for your own inference engines.

3. Integration with phone/vehicle

Provided via C++ written SDK to unlock new functionality in your application.


CloudMade Appliances will be listed on the AWS platform (Amazon Web Service).*

AWS makes it easy to choose, test, buy, and deploy our solutions.**

* Currently only the closed beta version is available.
** To be able to request trials and conduct purchaces at AWS, subscription account is required.


Event repository & journey builder


Feature storage for user journeys (map matched) and additional information about the route.

Inference engine environment


Ability to use CloudMade's inference engines or develop your own.

An entire ecosystem deployed inside your own AWS account


Easily deploy CloudMade Appliances inside AWS and integrate it with your already existing solution.

Set of APIs


APIs support cloud predictions and on-the-edge predictions.

Integration with other DS tools


You could use CloudMade's features to work with tools, which you already have (Python notebooks, BI tools, etc.)

Validation Framework


Powerful tool to check and monitor inference performance metrics on a regular basis.

Why Appliances?

Easy to test, deploy and operate

Lower overheards with flexible pricing

Scalable approach

Data privacy

Access to CloudMade inferences

Partner with us

CloudMade Appliances are specifically designed for professionals with domain expertise in automotive:

  • Automotive R&D centres
  • Universities
  • Tier 1-2 suppliers
  • Companies working on ML/AI solutions for the automotive and mobility sectors

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